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Pedro Alipio senior, started his tennis career as a ball boy at age 5 at the local tennis club in Santos , Brazil. It did not take long before he fell in love with the game of Tennis and dedicated more than 50 years to the sport. Winner of many titles ​in the state and national levels specially in doubles, Pedro through dedication and hard work guided and help his three sons to follow their dreams as the best players they could be, and now they carry on his teachings. Pedro still active teaching part time and playing  doubles with friends.


Paulo also as a prominent junior in Brazil, left to the States to defend like his brother Pedro, Hampton University. Paulo helped the team there to win the 1989 NCAA 

National Championships. After graduating Paulo headed to California to work side by side with his brother Pedro, bringing up many outstanding juniors. After 21 years in the States, Paulo decided to move back to Brazil where now he runs Alipio Tennis Brazil.



Pedro Jr. started playing around age 6, and by age 10 took second place in  doubles at the Brazilian Nationals.

After a very stable junior career, including finishing in the top 20 in the country at age 17, Pedro left Brazil being recruited by Hampton University in Virginia with a full tennis scholarship. His senior year achieved a remarkable record of 28-0 in singles. Shortly after graduating came to California where he started working with Robert Lansdorp running his junior academy at the West End Racquet Club. There he had the pleasure of working with players such as; Lindsay Davenport, Michael Joyce, and many others. After 12 years at West End Club in Torrance, Pedro left to coach at Palos Verdes Tennis Club, becoming the Head Pro and Tennis Director there for 17 years. Pedro now teaches only by request at Alta Vista Tennis Center in Redondo Beach. 


Fabio, the youngest , the lefty, and the most talented of the brothers unfortunately did not make a name for 

himself because he was just as talented surfing and playing soccer!

Fabio has been coaching for about 15 years and now works with brother Paulo in Santos, at Alipio Tennis Brazil.